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Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Solutions Provider

Big ImageCanaan Semiconductor is a leading designer of high performance mixed signal integrated circuit solution. We servicing everyone from providing  commodity products to full customer ASIC design.



About Us

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Canaan is a fabless mixed signal consumers' IC design house in Hong Kong. Canaan was founded in August 2010 by a group of highly professional people who dedicated in IC design, marketing, sales, and strategic ability. Canaan's mission is to address the mixed signal design needs of the electronics industry. Canaan's ability to serve your present and future requirements is realized through the synergies of a strong R&D team, expertise in circuit design, product and process engineering, and our strong partnership with leading foundries, test house, packaging facilities,a nd companies having complementary skills from different specialty segments. We want to help you make your next generation of products successful.


We embraces the new technologies to meet the fast changing market requirements. At the same time, Canaan has kept the flexibility, agility and product focus of a fabless IC design house. Canaan has built a solution which quickly, reliably, and cost effectively converts customer's concept into prototypes and production-ready product. 


The standard major product lines are power management, power driver, timing and sensing circuits.


Canaan will keep on providing superb quality products. At the same time Canaan also offer our professional technical service to our customers including full customer ASIC development in different technologies.  Canaan's technology have covered a wide spectrum of system knowledge, digital circuit development, and expertise in analog building blocks, such as PLL, bandgap circuit, analog to digital conversion (ADC), power supply conditioning, and ultra low current design. Canaan technology is being used by a broad base of leading customers, including cordless phone and handset, PDA, and multimedia player manufactures.



Product News

ImageCapacitive Touch Switch Sensor
Provides independent noise and sensitivity control to achieve robust touch switch operation under varying supply voltages.

ImageSwitched-Capacitor Voltage Converter
Provides step-up voltage conversion with ultra-low operating current and operating voltage.

Company News

ImageIntroduce Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converter CS7D70 for Solar Watch/Cell Charging
A complete solution of solar cell watch charging.

ImageDiscrete Device product Update
Introduction of discrete device product line, includes MOSFET, BJT, Diode, etc.

ImageIntroduce Capacitive Touch Sensing Solution
A complete solution of capacitive touch sensing with high sensitive both on earth and under water


2011 July 9

Launch switched-capacitor voltage converter CS7D70

2011 January 1

Launch a new company website

2010 August 18

Founded Canaan Semiconductor Ltd.